How do I know what seat I need for my vehicle or plant?

Seat Shop Australia has access to multiple manufacturers to ensure you have the best possible range of options available to you when replacing your seat.

It may be possible to upgrade your current seat upon replacement, such as upgrading from a mechanical suspension seat to an air ride seat or adding lumbar support and arm rests. Just ask one of our seating specialists for a list of options for your machine.

Can I get parts for my current Seat?

Seat Shop Australia can supply all replacement parts and accessories such as seat covers and seat belts.

We carry service kits and replacement suspensions and seat uppers including foams and trim covers.

Do I need to service my Seat?

Your seat is the interface between yourself and your vehicle. It is designed to reduce the "whole body vibration" generated by the movement of your vehicle at normal operating speed. Seats have moving parts such as bearings and bushings and these wear over time as a seat suspenion moves hundreds of times a minute.

Other items such as the suspension shock abrsober or"damper" contain oil and gas and is a wear item thus will need to be replaced/serviced over time dependant on use. Air valves can become contaminated from oil and dust passed from the vehciles air supply. 

Seat foams have been design for support and comfort but will eventually compact with use over time and are an important part of the seat vibration absorbtion system.

How do I check my seat?

Firstly check all of the controls and funtions operate correctly as per the user manual.

Next check for any play in the suspension and seat frame. If play is felt repair or replacement may be necessary.

Check the action of the damper to ensure a controlled suspension stroke. Some seats have adjustable dampers so ensure you are familiar with this adjustment.

The foam should be comfortable but supportive and the trim should be in good order to prevent dust and water getting to the seat foam which accellerates wear.

Am I allowed to change seat types ?

Yes. But check with your local state or territory legislation as you may need an engineers certificate or "blue plate".

Do I need a mounting plate ?

Sometimes when changing to a different brand of seat you may require a mounting bracket or plate. These are usually qualified with the sales team prior to purchasing your new seat. The adaptors are designed to bolt straight into the original mounting holes to provide a simple installation. 

Does Seat Shop Australia fit seats ?

Yes. In house or at your place.